Jim Will Fight For You

Jim was born and raised in a rough part of New Jersey and is the oldest of six children.  Jim lost his father as young boy and had a pretty rough and tumble upbringing. 

As a small skinny kid in a typical rough city neighborhood. As the target of bullies through his earlier life, things got pretty tough for him at times. So Jim understands what it means to get unfairly pushed around. To this day Jim can’t stand bullies and has a real soft spot for the underdog.

A Top Law School Graduate​

Jim graduated from the top-ranked Rutgers Law School.  During his law school education, Jim interned for a well-respected Federal District Court Judge, worked for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Bureau, and worked for a top firm that represented cities. 

A Passion For Helping Injured People​

After graduating from law school, Jim moved to California where he began working with a small Palm Desert law firm.  By the age of 27, Jim opened his own law practice – representing clients accused of serious crimes. In time, Jim began to represent injured people, and that is where he found his passion.

Today Jim exclusively represents people who have been injured through no fault of their own. He has taken his passion for helping the underdog and now stands up for them against huge insurance companies and over-reaching government entities.