If you are like most of my clients, you may not have much experience dealing with the justice system. I may even be your first attorney.  Because of that, you may have questions about what you can expect.  The following are some common questions we get, along with our answers:

We won’t know until I meet you and obtain your medical records. That way I can fairly evaluate your injuries and get an idea of the value of your case. As a general rule, the more badly injured you are the more valuable your case is.

Someone with a broken spine has a more valuable case than some who sprained their pinky finger. Any attorney who tells you up- front what your case is worth is likely being dishonest.

This is a tricky question. I often hear clients tell me they have “full coverage”, but I don’t think most of my clients know what “full coverage” means. Your insurance can help, depending on what type of coverage you have. But for the most part, you’ll be seeking to get the other guy’s insurance carrier to pay you money.

What kind of coverage the other guy has is a much more relevant question. I will determine how much insurance coverage is available to you so I can make sure the insurance company treats you fairly and maximize your recovery.

NEVER, EVER hire an attorney who doesn’t handle personal injury cases as a routine part of his or her practice. Dealing with insurance companies is VERY difficult. It takes years of experience in the world of personal injury law before an attorney is really capable of getting injured people the compensation they deserve.

Don’t be fooled by fancy television commercials or radio ads, a picture on the back of a phone book, or a telephone number that rhymes. When a lawyer spends tens of thousands of dollars every month in advertising, then that lawyer is really a professional advertiser.

There are only so many hours in a day. Any lawyer who dedicates most of his daily hours on a marketing scheme isn’t paying attention to your case. You’ll be pawned off to an “office manager” or a “paralegal”. Why would you hire a lawyer who spends days in front of a camera or microphone, making television or radio commercials? I’M A LAWYER, WHO WILL WORK FOR YOU!

NO. Insurance companies are gargantuan behemoths worth billions of dollars. They’ve made their billions by NOT paying fair settlements. Do you know anything about how the insurance industry operates or how personal injury cases are prosecuted? Of course you don’t ‒ and the INSURANCE COMPANIES KNOW THAT. Any Insurance Company will be thrilled to talk to you instead of an attorney. Let me give you an example of what I mean:

I once had a client who tried to settle her case by herself. She’s a smart, educated woman. She suffered a serious back injury and thought she could get the insurance company to settle directly with her.

The insurance company gave her a “final” offer of about $2,500.00 Fed up with the “fair” dealings of the insurance company, she called me. I settled her case for six figures. If you’re injured, contact me.