A black outline drawing of a person with the left arm in a cast. This represents a personal injury.

Personal Injury

“You focus on getting well,

I’ll focus on getting you paid.”

I secure financial compensation for people who were injured at the hands of others.

Automobile accidents, slip/trip accidents, dog bites, and product failures are the kinds of injury cases that I can help you with. I use my years of experience and understanding of injury and insurance law to make my clients financially whole.

I can obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage and much more. I help my clients obtain professional medical care, even when they don’t have health coverage.

My injured clients never pay any money up-front and I only get paid for my services when you obtain a settlement. This is a great risk-free way for injured clients to obtain needed representation at a time when they are injured.

Nothing up-front! We get paid when you get paid. You will never reach into your pocket to pay me any money. Never! In fact, I pay for all litigation expenses. For instance, just to file a lawsuit in our local court can cost up to $450. I will pay that and all costs related to your lawsuit. You never have to finance anything. I’ve got you completely covered.

The average case takes 4 to 6 months to resolve, but can take much longer. Often, I’m able to resolve your case without actually filing a lawsuit. But if a lawsuit is necessary, expect the suit to take a minimum of 6 months.

Although I always try to move my client’s case along quickly, the court process moves slowly. As with most things, patience is a virtue when dealing with a personal injury lawsuit.

NEVER, EVER hire an attorney who doesn’t handle personal injury cases as a routine part of his or her practice. Dealing with insurance companies is VERY difficult. It takes years of experience in the world of personal injury law before an attorney is really capable of getting injured people the compensation they deserve.

If you’re injured, you’ll need to see a doctor. I can help you find a variety of specialists who will give you the care you need. Walking through the maze of the medical profession can be daunting. Let me help you walk that maze. Don’t have medical insurance? Don’t worry, I can often direct you to a medical professional even when you don’t have health insurance!